Going to the Library to Lose Weight?

When it comes to losing weight, many women begin to struggle from April through to September. This is because the warm weather is fading, they are in the house more, and there are more family activities going on for those who have kids. These things all result in more time in the kitchen munching and crunching on food, and eating unnecessary calories, which quickly turn into extra pounds.

To avoid adding this extra weight, and to stay focused on your diet or weight loss goals, try these 5 different things to occupy your time.

1. Hit The Local Library. It doesn’t matter if you are single, have kids, or have a partner, but you may be surprised at what a neat place your local library is. Getting out of the house and heading down to the local library is an easy way to avoid eating. You can read books, or …

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Is Trying to Lose Weight Through Group Competition a Good Thing?

Many women over the age of 30 carry a few more kilos than they would like. We live in an age where we seem to want to do everything either together or with an audience or by competition. There are pros and cons to trying to solve life’s problems that way. I have been involved in a weight loss group with competition and found it to have its pluses and minuses. The first problem you run into is you have a lot of people with different ideas about how the exercise program should be approached. Some people think you should walk; some people think you should run; some people think you should swim and yet others think you should work with weights. It takes some time to work through that. I would take a moment to say this is a good reason to keep the numbers in the group down.…

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