What Are Fat Burning Carbs?

Do fat-burning carbs actually exist? The answer depends on who you ask.

There is a carbohydrate known as resistant starches which has been heralded over the years as a fat-burning carb.

According to Health.com, starch-resistant carbohydrates can improve your diet and health and should be added to your diet. Others, like Dr. Michael R. Eades, conclude that the benefits of resistant starch do not outweigh the extra calories consumed in eating a diet high in resistant starch, or so-called fat-burning carbs.

It is tempting to get excited about the possibility of fat-burning carbs, but when I was investigating fat-burning carbs I was bothered by why this was not a well-known and widely practised diet.


What are fat-burning carbs?

Research provided by Health.com and Prevention.com reports that fat-burning carbs are resistant starches that boost your metabolism, satisfy your appetite and keep it suppressed. It is their contention that eating foods …

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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: The Personality Diet

Avoid holiday weight gain by knowing what diet works best for your personality. During the holiday, your personality may dominate your eating style. It’s more likely you will fall into the old behaviors and patterns during the holidays because of the memories and emotional feelings wrapped up in Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s or Hanukkah.The average holiday weight gain, as reported in surveys, is about five pounds.

Several authors have made correlations between eating and personality. Dr. Robert Kushner from Northwestern University wrote, “Dr. Kushner’s Personality Type Diet,” which claims people fall into different categories such as “Mindless Muncher,” “Can’t Say No Pleaser,” and “All or Nothing Doer.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Elliot Abravanel, the author of …

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How to Increase Your Fat Burning

If you are interested in losing weight then what you are most likely really interested in is burning fat. But by depriving your body of fats or another food group, your body will go into survival mode and store any existing fat, making it much harder to lose weight. This is a common mistake many people make. To lose a good amount of weight, you need to eat the right foods. So it is important to eat a healthy balanced diet.

One of the most challenging parts of losing weight is keeping your appetite under control. A hand full of nuts of just about any kind will help stimulate a hormone in your body to reduce hunger over the next 20 minutes. This is a great tip to use about 30 minutes before you go out to lunch. It will stop you from feeling too hungry and therefore you won’t …

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