Best Fat Burning Tips for Men

Many men are trying to lose body fat and gain some body muscle. There are a few tips for burning more fat that this article will cover; this article will look at some tips for fat burning in men that are effective and will cut down on the amount of time needed to work out and diet.

  1. Cardio

Men burn a significant amount of fat from doing a cardio workout; this could include biking, running, rowing, or even hiking. In order to burn a significant amount of fat the cardio workouts should be fairly intense and last for 20-30 minutes 3-5 times per week.

  1. Weight Training

Men need to weight train in order to trim fat; weight training increases the body’s metabolism and will allow the cardio workouts to be more effective. Weight training needs to go in addition to the cardio workout and should be done 2-3 times per …

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