Drinking Prune Juice to Lose Weight? Think Twice!

Everybody knows that prune juice is a great aid for constipation, and in small amounts is fine to add to your daily diet for overall health. Prune juice is full of healthy enzymes and fibre that gets the digestive tract back on track and helps eliminate wastes from the body. But fasting on prune juice for days at a time to lose quick weight is not the best way to diet, even though many people utilise prune juice in this fashion. Here’s why using prune juice to lose weight is something you should think twice about.

Prune juice in excess can lead to diarrhoea, which is dangerous for the body. While this is the result people wanting to lose weight with prune juice are looking for, diarrhoea leads to loss of essential nutrients in the body and dehydration. Essentially, drinking prune juice as a diet aid is no better than …

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How to Lose Weight Easily, Fast, and for Free


Many weight loss companies market weight loss remedies that don’t actually work, but they make a lot of money off of it! Rather than falling for these scams, there are actually easy and very affordable ways to lose weight, and they may be more traditional than you think.

Do not change your diet, or at least not right away. You’ll want to wean your way into a healthier diet, but you should not go from eating over 20,000 calories a day to 1000 a day. This is actually really unhealthy for you, and can cause serious side-effects. If you want to be lean, then you have to wean.

Don’t go the easy way out. Throwing up after you eat and refusing to eat food to the point where your stomach hurts is horrible for your body, both physically and emotionally. If you are just starting to do this, stop …

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