How to Lose Weight and Take Control of Your Life and Health


Isn’t it time for you to make the decision to take control of your health? Time to start getting serious about losing those extra pounds and finally getting in shape? It’s only going to get worse unless you decide that today is the day you will take control of your future. It’s going to be challenging, but I know you can do it! Here are the first steps…1) Decide. First, decide if you’re really going to commit to a plan this time. Forget about past failures and focus on what’s ahead. You’re going to need laser focus and determination to get where you need to be.

2) Daily Success Planning. At the end of the day when you’re getting ready for bed, get a pad and pencil, write down what you’re going to eat the next day, what exercise you will do. You can even put your meals …

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Lose Weight by Playing Video Games?

Dance Dance Revolution is a kinetic video game that makes even most Wii games seem like nothing more than couch potato pong. The most obvious difference in Dance Dance Revolution from the standard video games we’ve all grown up knowing and cursing is the control element. First came the joystick, then the button pad, then the Wii motion sensing wand. Dance Dance Revolution bypasses all those controls, however, to utilise a mat placed on the floor that is connected to the console. The effect is to turn the art of video gaming into something even more active than the addictive sports games that come with the Nintendo Wii. If you have ever seen that episode of King of the Hill where the family goes to Japan and little Bobby Hill picks up a Japanese girlfriend by dancing on a large-scale version of Dance Dance Revolution technology, you will know exactly …

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