10 Ways to Lose Weight

We often hear about the tips for weight loss and what we should be doing… but what about the things we should be avoiding?

Here’s a quick countdown for some of the worst ways to try to lose weight. I’ve deemed them as the ‘worst’ either because they don’t work or they may be dangerous to your health. (Or they simply weren’t fun for me).

Dehydration – There are rubberised vinyl suits on the market that are designed to help you retain body heat; in other words, cause you to sweat more than you normally would when working out. While this rids your body of excess water and causes you to drop a few kilos, it isn’t permanent weight loss and, depending on your health condition, could cause some problems. Besides, when was dehydration deemed healthy?

Fasting – This is only dangerous if you fast for a long period of …

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Eat Right and Lose Weight


Most people’s perception of losing weight is of a strict diet program or a dedicated exercise plan. There are many ways you can shed kilos without running up and down hills, eating broccoli all day, and drinking those nasty slim fast shakes.

Eating right and exercising is important, but you must be consistent. Diets can be effective for some people, but can be very draining on your body in the long run. The best way to lose weight and get the results that you want is to change your lifestyle!

For starters, you are the master of all that surrounds you. If you want to eat well, then your kitchen should be stocked with healthy foods. If there’s a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts in your cabinet, chances are you will devour them before you remember about the salad you were going to buy.

Also, choose the places you …

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What Causes Coronary Heart Disease

The major type of heart disease in the world is coronary heart disease. At present there is a high incidence of this disease in the world, with millions of new patients being added each year. It can take years for this disease to form in the human body. The insoluble fats get deposited on the arterial walls gradually over a number of years. This causes the arteries to constrict their flow of blood to the heart. Eventually, it can lead to major artery blockages, and can be diagnosed as coronary heart disease.

Some of the key causes of coronary heart disease are as follows:

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

When the fats line up on the inner walls of arteries over a period of time, it causes the blood to flow to the heart with an increased level of pressure. It causes the heart to exert extra pressure to pump …

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