Accelerated Fat Burning

There are plenty of fast weight-loss diets and fads out there and while some may work right away, they only last a short amount of time. For example, low-carb and low-calorie diets promise easy and quick weight loss. It always seems true at first, but our body just puts the pounds back on and even more, than we had to begin with. These diets do NOT work and are not meant for the human body.

What so many of us do not realise is how easy it is to find the right foods for our individual needs. Foods that we have been told for decades are bad for us! I will start by telling you that what we need to focus on are fats. I know all of us have probably been told how bad they are for you. Well, we have been told wrong way too long. Good fats are what our body needs to work properly. For example, eggs, coconut and olive oil, REAL butter, and raw nuts. These fats really accelerate our bodies fat burning process.

If we add these good fats to our foods, we are one step closer to the right and natural way of losing the weight we need to lose. Now, there are plenty of fats we need to avoid for sure, like hydrogenated oil, canola oil, margarine, substituted butter and whole-wheat bread. Not one of these fats is meant for your body to burn so where does it all go? They all get stored as fat instead!

Now, I want to talk about what the real troublemaker is, SUGAR. All those low-fat labelled foods that were made, because everyone believed that the fat was bad for them, were only replaced with tons of extra sugar! Well, that extra sugar just harms our body even more by spiking our insulin levels, in turn controls the fat you burn.

To start, I would add some good fat and protein to any carbohydrates you may be eating. Every small step you take will help not only fat burning but the way you feel as well. All of this helps your body control insulin levels, which is extremely important.

So, remember that good fats and complex carbs aid the weight-loss process and are what your body needs to function properly. Unless the carbs come out of the ground avoid it and eat healthy fatty foods instead.

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