Want to Lose Weight? Do as the French Do!

For many Australians, losing weight and eating a more nutritious meal is important to overall longevity and reduced risk for progressive and chronic disease. Using weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and even the Aitkin’s Diet, weight loss has become a popular business. In some successful weight loss programs, however, the loss of weight has been attributed to a simple change in diet following the dietary programs of the French. Yes, that’s right, the French. With a love for cream-based sauces, butter and even wine, the French have managed to avoid an obesity epidemic. And, so, many Australian dieters and weight loss gurus are now turning to the same dietary programs as the French.

One key area of focus for the French is the notation that mealtime, and eating, is a leisurely activity. Sitting down and enjoying the ambience of the setting, taking the time to cook …

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New and Improved’ Slim Shots Review: Did I Lose Weight?

I tried the “new and improved” SlimShots formula for my five days on a diet experiment. I’ve tried literally hundreds of diets in the past 10 years to see which ones work best for me.

With 10 pounds to lose in the New Year, I thought it would be great if I could eat up to 30 percent less all day, which is what the package suggested. I also liked the fact that the Slim Shots product is an appetite controller that does not contain stimulants.

What I did not like were the results.

My weight stayed the same

My weight did not budge at all during the five days I was using SlimShots. It fluctuated up and down, but I ended at the same place I started. I followed a generic portion-controlled diet during the five days.

The taste is not terrible

Dozens of people have told me how …

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Going to the Library to Lose Weight?

When it comes to losing weight, many women begin to struggle from April through to September. This is because the warm weather is fading, they are in the house more, and there are more family activities going on for those who have kids. These things all result in more time in the kitchen munching and crunching on food, and eating unnecessary calories, which quickly turn into extra pounds.

To avoid adding this extra weight, and to stay focused on your diet or weight loss goals, try these 5 different things to occupy your time.

1. Hit The Local Library. It doesn’t matter if you are single, have kids, or have a partner, but you may be surprised at what a neat place your local library is. Getting out of the house and heading down to the local library is an easy way to avoid eating. You can read books, or …

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Is Trying to Lose Weight Through Group Competition a Good Thing?

Many women over the age of 30 carry a few more kilos than they would like. We live in an age where we seem to want to do everything either together or with an audience or by competition. There are pros and cons to trying to solve life’s problems that way. I have been involved in a weight loss group with competition and found it to have its pluses and minuses. The first problem you run into is you have a lot of people with different ideas about how the exercise program should be approached. Some people think you should walk; some people think you should run; some people think you should swim and yet others think you should work with weights. It takes some time to work through that. I would take a moment to say this is a good reason to keep the numbers in the group down.…

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Lose Weight? Get Back To Basics!

Are you tired of sifting through weight loss programs that promise a quick solution to shed off kilos? Or the rampant display of toned celebrities in glossy magazines flagging “My Tricks to Lose Weight!”.

Multiple experts have given advice about how to combat food addiction, only we are drowned with too much information that can lead to confusion.

Forget Jane Fonda, the basic element to losing weight is to determine the right amount of food you ingest. In this article, I will show you the basic tricks for a healthy diet that can ignite your ailing motivation to lose weight.

Think about the Japanese simple way of life. They are meticulous about their diet, particularly those living in rural areas. Let’s see how they set their meals. The ‘Gohan’ is arranged in smaller cups bringing more reasons to control your hunger pangs and not to overindulge the food in front …

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How To Lose Your Baby Weight

After having two children eleven months apart, my body was suffering. The baby weight I gained between the two pregnancies wasn’t limited to just my stomach. My thighs and arms had also added weight. Losing this weight wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. A few years ago, I was a weight loss counsellor. At work, I would get frustrated when new mums would come in complaining that they just couldn’t get the weight off. I thought they were making excuses. Now, I can see that their struggles were real.

After having a baby, many mums choose fad diets and quick fixes to lose the baby weight. I was determined that I wasn’t going to lose it that way because I know that weight lost rapidly will come back just as fast.

Instead of severely limiting only certain food groups, such as carbohydrates, I opted to follow a …

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