7 Reasonable Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

After eating two huge plates of lovely Christmas cuisine, you lay on the couch with your pants unbuttoned, feeling disgusted. You promised yourself you would not gorge yourself this year. Later that very same night, you return to the leftovers for another round, vaguely remembering four hours ago when you swore off food forever. Again, you return to the couch, this time pyjama pants untied, sick to your stomach, trying to estimate the number of calories you have consumed in the last twelve hours and how many hours of treadmill you will have to endure to burn off even a ¼ of what you’ve put in your mouth.


You watch TV and see the Christmas ads. Ads that should bring joy about the upcoming holiday, however, deliver thoughts of horror. You dread the parties, the cocktails, the appetisers, the desserts, the thoughtful gifts of cookies and cakes. The enjoyment …

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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: The Personality Diet

Avoid holiday weight gain by knowing what diet works best for your personality. During the holiday, your personality may dominate your eating style. It’s more likely you will fall into the old behaviors and patterns during the holidays because of the memories and emotional feelings wrapped up in Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s or Hanukkah.The average holiday weight gain, as reported in surveys, is about five pounds.

Several authors have made correlations between eating and personality. Dr. Robert Kushner from Northwestern University wrote, “Dr. Kushner’s Personality Type Diet,” which claims people fall into different categories such as “Mindless Muncher,” “Can’t Say No Pleaser,” and “All or Nothing Doer.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Elliot Abravanel, the author of …

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