Drinking Prune Juice to Lose Weight? Think Twice!

Everybody knows that prune juice is a great aid for constipation, and in small amounts is fine to add to your daily diet for overall health. Prune juice is full of healthy enzymes and fibre that gets the digestive tract back on track and helps eliminate wastes from the body. But fasting on prune juice for days at a time to lose quick weight is not the best way to diet, even though many people utilise prune juice in this fashion. Here’s why using prune juice to lose weight is something you should think twice about.

Prune juice in excess can lead to diarrhoea, which is dangerous for the body. While this is the result people wanting to lose weight with prune juice are looking for, diarrhoea leads to loss of essential nutrients in the body and dehydration. Essentially, drinking prune juice as a diet aid is no better than popping a bunch of laxatives and waiting for them to go into effect. Sure, you’ll lose weight, and quickly, over a few days, but at the risk of severe dehydration, nutrient loss, and painful gas, cramping, and irritated bowels.

Since drinking prune juice to lose weight typically involves drinking prune juice and nothing else, the urge to pass foods from the body becomes painful since there is no food to pass. The body will naturally be encouraged to evacuate the bowels often due to the high fibre and enzymes in prune juice, but with nothing to pass through the digestive tract but the prune juice and the colon and intestines being irritated by the constant motion of needing to contract and pass food through the system that isn’t there, what the body passes is watery diarrhea that is leeched out of the body in the form of nutrients and water. Quickly, water retention is lost, and with the lack of caloric consumption and frequent passing of watery stools, weight loss is achieved, but the body will slow down and become lethargic as a response, so once the prune juice diet is ended, the weight will quickly return as the body tries to bring itself back to working order.

While the prune juice diet is certainly an effective method for losing quick weight, it is not highly recommended. Prune juice in general is a healthy option for relieving stubborn bowel movements and adding more fibre to one’s diet, but it is not a healthy way to lose weight overall. At the risk of losing essential nutrients and becoming dehydrated (and irritating the bowels), prune juice as an option for losing weight should definitely be thought twice about.


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