Eat Right and Lose Weight


Most people’s perception of losing weight is of a strict diet program or a dedicated exercise plan. There are many ways you can shed kilos without running up and down hills, eating broccoli all day, and drinking those nasty slim fast shakes.

Eating right and exercising is important, but you must be consistent. Diets can be effective for some people, but can be very draining on your body in the long run. The best way to lose weight and get the results that you want is to change your lifestyle!

For starters, you are the master of all that surrounds you. If you want to eat well, then your kitchen should be stocked with healthy foods. If there’s a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts in your cabinet, chances are you will devour them before you remember about the salad you were going to buy.

Also, choose the places you eat carefully. It doesn’t make sense to go to all-you-can-eat restaurant if you are trying to remove that spare tire from your waist.

I get most of my urges to eat late at night when I’m watching television or on the computer. I learned to establish a cut-off time for eating so I wouldn’t go to bed with unsettled food in my stomach. Consider a cut-off time for yourself to avoid eating all through the night.

Eating a snack of fresh vegetables and nuts instead of a snickers as a snack or eating a steak with greens drizzled in a nourishing dressing instead of a greasy cheeseburger are effective ways of reducing the calories. Drinking more pure water and carbonated drinks instead of soft drinks and sweetened drinks will also help to keep away all of those unnecessary calories and keep your blood sugar levels stable. Instead of eating sandwiches with white bread, go for a good quality sourdough or spelt bread.

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