Fat Burning Tips for Women

You have decided that you need to burn some of your fat, but don’t know where to start. I was in the same boat just six months ago. I have done a lot of reading online and got a lot of good ideas for me and some that seem far-fetched.

I have been doing this to lose fat so far, and I hope these tips can help others as well.

Eating right is a big part of burning unwanted fat. The key to eating correctly is eating in the right proportions. This is a big challenge to take on and I found it easiest to record everything I ate normally in one week then I knew where I was and what I needed to change to get to the recommended food intact per day. I was very surprised at just how many calories I ate in an average week before I started this. After I saw the results on day one I didn’t even wait until the end of the week to start changing. On day one which would have been what I usually would eat, I had consumed a whopping 3019 calories and guess what I was doing now exercise either. For the next few weeks, I was ranging between 1380-1730 calories a day and started exercising for 90 minutes a week.

The main thing I was doing to burn my fat was sticking to my exercise plan daily. I started out small for the first couple of weeks I did some cardio using my Gazelle for 15 minutes a night and then eventually up to 30 minutes a night, Once the winter was coming to an end I started walking home from work every night and then still worked out on my gazelle for 30 minutes on top of this. This was then giving me roughly 70 minutes of cardio a day. When the snow was finally gone instead of using my gazelle I went for an extra walk for roughly 30-40mins each night which still gave me about 70 to 80 minutes of Cardio a day. I am now up to walking seven days a week and using other cardio equipment such as Cardio Wave Machine, Elliptical Trainer, Stationary bikes, and Treadmill on rainy days. If you can’t fit in this much time for your cardio then starting small every 10 minutes can be a big help towards you meeting your ultimate goal.

The other key factor you can’t forget is drinking lots and lots of water. I use to take about a litre and half of soft drink with me to work to drink throughout an 8.5 hour day. This quickly changed to the same amount of water every day. Not everyone is a water drinker so you may not be able to start with this much water but every little bit helps. Water can help turn fat into fuel and is great at helping you get over your hungry spells in between meals. Now I am still human and I still drink soft drinks from time to time just in moderation to what I use to as it use to be all day at work and then all night as well which is a lot of sugar and calories staying in your body.

I have just recently got some Resistance bands and have started using them to burn fat as well. You would be surprised at just how universal they can be. When we are trying to lose excess fat a lot of us think that we mainly do cardio and not any resistance training when in fact resistance training can do wonders for women and won’t cause us to bulk up like it would men. Resistance bands will actually give you constant resistance, unlike just weights. For example, when you are doing bicep curls with weights you tend to curl up and feel the resistance but don’t really feel anything when you bring your curl back down. With Resistance bands doing the same thing you feel the resistance all the way through. As you start losing a lot of your fat we still need to do toning. If this is done as you are losing the excess fat it will be easier and you will look and feel better too.

All of this is great but you will do better if you set yourself some goals, both small and larger goals. When meeting your goals I have found it best to not just go by the scales because exercising builds muscle and muscle weighs more, so I also take my measurements. Once a week I weigh myself on the same day and as close to the same time of day as you tend to weigh differently at different times a day. I take my measurements once a month. In addition to these two things, I have also been taking transition photos every three months. These are really helpful for me. You don’t like the way you look in a photo you say well most of us who have a lot to lose think this way. Let’s look at it this way, you see yourself every day, you feel some changes in your clothes but really how much change there is. By taking a photo of yourself every three months for example you can put both photos side by side and I am sure you will be as amazed as I was when I saw my first transition photo. My next transition photo is just about a week away and can’t wait to see it. This has given me a lot of inspiration to keep me going and my husband is supporting me all the way along with many friends which are what you need as you go through these big changes.

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