Fat Burning Tips for Women

It’s hard to be a woman. So many things change throughout our lives that cause many of us to ride a weight roller coaster. We go up a size, down two sizes, up five sizes, down ten, up twenty…you get the point. If you really work at it, though you can win the battle of the bulge. I have ten great fat-burning tips for women that will have you sexy and lean in no time.

Women’s Fat Burning Tips #1: Drink Plenty of Water

Water does so much more than quenching your thirst. Water helps you wash fat from your cells. If your body is in a dehydrated state, it is harder for your body to flush fat from its system. If you drink plenty of water you will ensure that you can cleanse your system of excess fat. Try to drink, at minimum, 6-8 8oz servings of water a day to maximize the fat-burning power of water.

Women’s Fat Burning Tips #2: Eat 5-6 Small Meals Instead of 2-3 Large Ones

This women’s fat-burning tip may seem a little counterintuitive. You might think that in order to burn more fat and lose weight faster you would need to eat LESS often, not MORE. That is not the case. If you eat several small meals you will burn fat because you actually burn calories processing food in your body. If you keep small amounts of food in you at all times, then you rev up your metabolism. Small meals could be a few cheese and crackers or half a sandwich. These need to be small meals in order to be effective.

Women’s Fat Burning Tips #3: Exercise in the Morning

No, you don’t burn more calories in the morning than you do at night. I advise you to exercise in the morning because then you are less likely to have an excuse to skip your workout later on. In addition, working out revs up your metabolism so as you go through the day you could burn more calories than if you had not worked out in the morning. Working out too close to bedtime also revs your metabolism and gives you energy. This could interrupt you from getting plenty of sleep, which is not good.

Women’s Fat Burning Tips #4: Strength Train

Muscle burns more than fat and takes up less space in your body. A great fat-burning tip is to strength train and build up your muscles. Once you build muscle mass, you will naturally burn more fat and calories than you would without the muscle.

Women’s Fat Burning Tips #5: Use a Birth Control Method Other Than Oral Contraceptives

I can vouch for this one, ladies: birth control pills containing progestin make you gain 3-5 pounds each month. This is because the hormone makes your cells retain water, which makes it harder to flush fat out of your system. If you find water retention troublesome during your cycle, talk to your doctor. If you use a different method of birth control you could burn more fat.

Women’s Fat Burning Tips #6: Make Yourself Sweat

You aren’t going to burn a lot of fat just by moderate walking. A great fat-burning tip is to exert yourself. Push yourself to the next level. Of course, speak to a doctor before undergoing any strenuous program. Make yourself sweat. If you’re sweating and breathing hard, you’re burning fat.

Women’s Fat Burning Tips #7: Don’t Eat After 8 PM

Don’t eat after 8 PM. One reason I think that this works is because when I eat after 8 PM it’s usually when I am in front of the TV. I am not paying attention to everything I put in my mouth, therefore I consume more. However, I read an article it indicates that eating after 8 PM causes your body to become confused. This is because your body may be trying to produce nighttime chemicals. When you eat, the body starts to produce daytime chemicals. A great fat-burning tip is to eat before 8 PM, not after.

Women’s Fat Burning Tips #8: Switch it Up

If you do the same thing day after day your body gets used to a routine. A great fat-burning tip is to switch it up every once and a while to keep your body guessing. Moving in new ways burns fat quickly!

Women’s Fat Burning Tips #9: Eat a Low Sodium Diet

Sodium, aka SALT causes you to retain water. Water retention makes it harder to burn fat. A great fat-burning tip for women is to cut back on the salt. This is harder than it sounds! If you are like me you love your Lean Cuisines. Frozen meals are LOADED with salt to preserve them. I can’t avoid eating Lean Cuisines, but if you have time to cook yourself fresh and healthy meals, this will help you burn more fat.

Women’s Fat Burning Tips #10: Circuit Train

A great fat-burning tip for women is to circuit train. Alternate brief periods of intense cardio with strength training and stretching exercises. This will keep your body guessing about what’s next, which will cause you to burn more fat.

There is no magic pill that will help you burn more fat. I am certain about one thing, though – in order to burn fat you must exercise. After you start exercising and plateau, move on to some of my tips that are not related to exercise in order to burn more fat. Don’t sweat it – or do! You’ll be leaner in no time.

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