Going to the Library to Lose Weight?

When it comes to losing weight, many women begin to struggle from April through to September. This is because the warm weather is fading, they are in the house more, and there are more family activities going on for those who have kids. These things all result in more time in the kitchen munching and crunching on food, and eating unnecessary calories, which quickly turn into extra pounds.

To avoid adding this extra weight, and to stay focused on your diet or weight loss goals, try these 5 different things to occupy your time.

1. Hit The Local Library. It doesn’t matter if you are single, have kids, or have a partner, but you may be surprised at what a neat place your local library is. Getting out of the house and heading down to the local library is an easy way to avoid eating. You can read books, or magazines, and spend time with your children. You can even join a book club if you like. By taking just an hour out to sit down and read, many women feel relieved and distressed. What’s even better than not eating at the library? It’s free!

2. Start A Puzzle. Remember when it used to be fun to do those really large puzzles with thousands of pieces. This can be fun by yourself or with your family, and instead of just sitting and doing nothing; your hands and your mind will be working. This means no time for eating and being bored. You can even let your children pick out the picture. The longer you can stay busy, the less you will wander into the kitchen.

3. Make A Schedule. Many people will wait to do their cleaning on Sundays. Make your own schedule instead and choose something to do every night of the week. One night can be bathrooms, and the other can be the kitchen. Not only will each room be cleaned thoroughly, but it will take away from time that you are devolving in mindless munching. Schedule time for playing board games, or painting with your kids. As long as you have some type of itinerary to follow, you will be occupied. Include things that you constantly put off like painting the dining room; this will take away from hours of unnecessary eating.

4. Pick Up A Hobby. This can be something healthy like working out, walking, a book club, birding, or maybe even scrapbooking. Pick up some magazines that are about your new interest, and dive in. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get into something. This will get you doing things while you are at home, and it may even get you out of the house doing things as well. A great way to jump into a new hobby is by finding someone else who will want to do it with you.

5. Volunteering. People rarely take enough time to help those who are less fortunate than themselves, and by doing so you are getting out of the house, and spending time doing a positive thing. Volunteering will allow you to feel better about yourself, and when we feel positive we are more likely to stick to our goals and stay on track. You can contact your church or local homeless shelters to see where your services are needed.

Doing all of these things won’t just help you avoid snacking and overeating, but they will also help prevent you from going stir crazy this winter. You will be able to have fun getting out of the house by yourself or with your family, and trying out new things. Don’t gain those extra kilos this winter – jump-start your lifestyle changes and feel good about yourself for next summer!

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