How To Lose Your Baby Weight

After having two children eleven months apart, my body was suffering. The baby weight I gained between the two pregnancies wasn’t limited to just my stomach. My thighs and arms had also added weight. Losing this weight wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. A few years ago, I was a weight loss counsellor. At work, I would get frustrated when new mums would come in complaining that they just couldn’t get the weight off. I thought they were making excuses. Now, I can see that their struggles were real.

After having a baby, many mums choose fad diets and quick fixes to lose the baby weight. I was determined that I wasn’t going to lose it that way because I know that weight lost rapidly will come back just as fast.

Instead of severely limiting only certain food groups, such as carbohydrates, I opted to follow a balanced diet plan.

Following any type of strict food plan was a struggle. My older son, who was only a year old at that time, would leave food on his plate. It was very tempting to nibble on his food or grab a bite of food when he had a snack. But, I kept reminding myself of the result: getting my body back.

Once I had my postpartum checkup and was cleared for exercise, I started a very simple exercise plan. I would walk up and down my hall-an indoor activity so I didn’t have to get two babies outside by myself.

Now, my youngest son is 9 months old. Some of the baby weight is still there but I have concluded that it isn’t new weight, it’s just in different places than it was before I had my boys. I am going to keep following my healthy plan because I want to be around to see my boys grow up and take an active part in that process, which isn’t possible if I am overweight.


Written by: Guest blogger.

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