New and Improved’ Slim Shots Review: Did I Lose Weight?

I tried the “new and improved” SlimShots formula for my five days on a diet experiment. I’ve tried literally hundreds of diets in the past 10 years to see which ones work best for me.

With 10 pounds to lose in the New Year, I thought it would be great if I could eat up to 30 percent less all day, which is what the package suggested. I also liked the fact that the Slim Shots product is an appetite controller that does not contain stimulants.

What I did not like were the results.

My weight stayed the same

My weight did not budge at all during the five days I was using SlimShots. It fluctuated up and down, but I ended at the same place I started. I followed a generic portion-controlled diet during the five days.

The taste is not terrible

Dozens of people have told me how they can’t stand the taste of the SlimShots. While I would not choose to drink the coffee-creamer size shots if they didn’t promise weight loss, they weren’t as terrible as some report. I tried the “vanilla ice cream” flavour, although they also have a chocolate version. To make it more palatable, I put the shot in my SlimStyles shake and my Spiru-Tein smoothie a few times.

It did reduce my hunger, but not enough

Although the product did reduce my hunger, it didn’t last long enough to curb my evening snacking. I tried taking the shots for lunch and dinner instead of for breakfast and lunch as they recommended, but that didn’t help significantly. I ate six small meals during the week.

The ingredients in Slim Shots include palm oil and oat oil. I have heard that taking 7 to 8 grams of fat can curb your appetite so you don’t crave as much, but this product only contains 2 grams of fat. The “new and improved” formula has the natural stevia extract or Rebiana, which I prefer to the artificial sweeteners.

I felt “clogged up” while on the product and also had a few headaches, but I can’t say that has anything to do with Slimshots.

Some people say it takes them longer for the product to kick in. I will be curious to see if my sister has had any success with it. I purchased the product at my local pharmacy.

For my review of Slim Shots, I give it a thumbs down.


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