Seven Manly Fat Burners

Do you need to burn extra calories and get rid of some fat? While you will still need to include exercise in your plan, the following 7 foods are some of the best fat-burning foods for men.

  • 1) Jalapenos:
    According to Brian Good in a recent Men’s Health article – spicy foods like jalapenos and other hot peppers contain Capsaicin, which gives peppers their pep and speeds up your heart; giving you an extra metabolic boost for a few hours.
  • 2) Cinnamon:
    Cinnamon has wonderful health benefits like helping to regulate your blood glucose levels; which can cut down on food cravings. Better glucose levels can also help you have more energy and maintain a higher level of metabolism, which will burn fat. Adding just a teaspoon a day can help you see results.
  • 3) Citrus Fruits:
    According to Web Terrace fruits high in Vitamin C (such as limes, tangerines, and oranges) can dilute fat and ‘burn’ cholesterol; making it simpler to get out of your body. Citrus fruits do contain natural sugars though, so be careful not to over-do it.
  • 4) Fish:
    Foods rich in Omega-3 are superstars when it comes to helping you build muscles and metabolize those unwanted fats. Check out what Men’s Science Magazine had to say about them.
  • 5) Avocados:
    Avocados are high in unsaturated fats and low in calories, making them a ‘helper’ food on your way to fat burning bliss. Exchange your usual high fat dressing for a nutrient rich slice of avocados and enjoy the creamy texture as your metabolism enjoys its boost.
  • 6) Lean Beef:
    Brian Good also weighed in on the effects of lean beef, along with pork, chicken, and turkey, on your body’s fat burning process. As it turns out, it takes more energy for your body to process protein than it does to process the fats or carbohydrates, causing more of the unwanted fats to burn.
  • 7) Watery Fruits and Vegetables:
    The Men’s Science Magazine also suggests that you kick up your intake of “juicy fruits” high in H2O – such as watermelon, cucumbers, etc. The water helps keep you full and these fruits and vegetables are a delicious way to pack in the nutrients that keep you healthy and your metabolism revving.

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